New to Swim

As the season begins, we would first like to welcome new members!

Most of the needed information is found on this site and in Team Snap.

So how does this swim team work?  Here is a general overview of the season - 

The season starts with a Seahawks board/coaches meeting in March.  We generally discuss any changes with coaches, board members, league updates, and pick our team suits. 

In March/April, we have 2-3 registration dates.  

The swimmers get into the pool in May.  Each year, our goal is to have the swimmers in the water 2 weeks before Memorial Day (the official opening of the pool to the public).  But this depends on the weather and township's schedule.  We have a lot of communication to begin the season.  This will come to you via Team Snap emails and alerts.

While the kids are still in school, swim practice is in the afternoon.  Generally 4-5pm for the younger (10/under) and then 5-6pm for the older (11&up).

Around the first Saturday in June we have the evaluation for new swimmers who are 10 and younger that have never been on the competitive team. At that point, they will be placed for either the Competitive team, Jr Swim or Learn to Swim.

The following Saturday (normally the 2nd), we'll have our time trials.  This allows all of the competitive swimmers to swim each stroke and have a starting time for the season.

The third Saturday is normally the start of the competitions.   

Once school finishes, practices move to the mornings, 8-9am for the younger (10/under) and then 9-10am for the older (11&up).

We do have Saturday practices up until the meets start.

Swim meets are Saturday mornings.  Plan on getting to the pool some time around 7am and we're normally finished around noon.  We usually have 5 competitive meets.  Any rained-out meets or scrimmages are often scheduled for an open Wednesday evening. The league is comprised of nearby towns. Our longest commute is when we swim at Vineland.  But most of our opposition is within about 20 minutes.  See the SSA tab on this site for a list of the locations of all the Teams in our swim league (SSA).

The season ends with Champs (Championship swim meet) on the last weekend of July.

The Seahawks Parents Association organizes social events throughout the season.  Aside from the 4th of July holiday, we look to have one event each week.  Historically, we've arranged pizza parties, movies, water-ice, pasta parties and more.  Its a great opportunity for the kids and parents to socialize and enjoy the Crystal Lake Pool.  At the end of the season, we hold our banquet (usually the Monday after Champs weekend).