2024 Haddon Township Seahawks

            Weekly Announcements:

7/20- Congratulations Seahawks on our win against Elmer and for finishing the season 5-0!

7/22- Last regular season practice (8am - fun practice for all; 10am - water polo for 11yrs and older)

7/22 - Cookie Bake Off - judging starts at 9am!

7/23 - 7/26 - Practice continues for those swimming at Champs 

7/27 and 7/28 - Champs @ Vineland

7/29 - Banquet 

2024 Seahawks Team Banquet

July 29th, 6-9pm @ Adelphia (1750 Clements Bridge Road, Deptford)

Adults (11 yrs and older) -  $30

Kids (10yrs and under) -  $15

Purchase Banquet tickets here - https://www.htseahawks.org/banquet

To pay by cash or check (payable to HT Seahawks) drop your payment in the Seahawks mailbox (on front of the Team shed, behind pool entrance gate). 

Ticket Order Deadline - 7/23!!

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Thanks for a great 2023 season!

Good luck to our Seniors! You will be missed!